Back Story

This is essentially a story of two families

Back in the late noughties...

An architect with a dream to build an eco-house, with the unwavering support of his wife a children, set about making this a reality in the small Lakeland town of Bowness on Windermere. The house would be rather large with a geodesic, grass covered roof, totally enveloping the rather drab 1980’s building then being lived in by the family, and so Dome House was born.

A design befitting
of a worthy TV

The story was picked up by the Channel 4 Grand Designs programme and the whole world (or so it seemed), watched with fascination at the unfolding story.

Predictably, timescales slipped, one of the harshest winters for years hit and the family were fast running out of money, leaving the viewers wondering how this would all end.

The Restoration Process


In 2011, an anonymous donor stepped in and loaned the money to fund the part completion of the house, and it seemed that this part of the story might have a happy ending. That donor was me.


After trying to make a go of things for a few years, the family sold the house to me in 2016 and I began the process of bringing it back to life.

Now begins the story of the second family.


My son and his wife, Phil and Joyce, moved into Dome House and with the help of my nephew Richard, a Building Surveyor at Lea Hough Ltd, and Matt Hall of Hall Construction Ltd, we set about totally refurbishing the huge house.

Restored to its former glory

The end result

The end result has been to retain the unique appearance of Dome House but to also improve the guest experience under the care of Phil and Joyce.

I wish them all the luck and success in the world in their new venture.

Yvonne Malley

Brantfell Rd, Bowness-on-Windermere, Cumbria. LA23 3AE.

01539 444 351